The Society has a number of publications available for purchase which provide a fascinating insight into the history and development of the Gidea Park Conservation area. Details of 5 of these can be found below. All are available by clicking on Buy and filling out the order form.

‘The Hundred Best Houses’

This Catalogue was issued for the Exhibition held in 1911 to allow the public to view the houses built for the Exhibition. It was first reprinted by the Society in 1997 and has now been reprinted with the original  coloured cover. This includes a history of Romford and Gidea Hall and details the development of the idea for the Garden Suburb, the execution of that idea and the names of the architects of each of the Exhibition houses. It describes the subsequent Competition and Exhibition.

The book has drawings, detailed plans and architects’ comments for more than 130 of the houses in the Conservation Area.

Price  £7.50

A Home in the Country’

In 1912 Gidea Park Ltd published this catalogue giving some of the background of the Estate and showing the plots that were still for sale on a road by road basis, including prices. For each road there are photos of the area in 1912 and of some of the existing houses.  (32 pages).

Price  £12.00

‘ Country Homes by the City’

Published by Gidea Park Estates in the early 1930s, this brochure shows all the amenities and benefits offered by the Gidea Park Estate, including social and sports facilities, transport and utilities, illustrated by photos from the period. It offers houses and plots for sale in Links Avenue and Balgores Square.   (12 pages).

Price  £6.50

‘Garden Suburbs, Town Planning and Modern Architecture’

Published in 1910, this volume describes the development of the Garden Suburb concept and describes the development of the major examples of this at Hampstead, Gidea Park, Esher, and Nast Hyde. It includes articles on what constituted a ‘modern’ home and a labour-saving layout at that time. Many architects put these ideas into practice in the 1911 Romford Garden Suburb Exhibition. 20 pages describe the Gidea Park area prior to the Exhibition. Illustrated. (160 pages).

Price  £30.00

‘Modern Homes Exhibition’’

This catalogue was issued for the Exhibition held in 1934. The 35 houses in this Exhibition were designed to illustrate the latest developments in building and design as examples of ‘the perfect modern home’. In addition to drawings,, detailed plans and descriptions of the exhibited houses,  the catalogue includes  descriptions of the area and its many advantages and also gives details of the other Exhibitors.  These were suppliers of many of the latest domestic appliances, furnishings and building materials, which represented the most up-to-date fashion and technical advances of the time.

(128 pages)

Price  £6.50